Strategy Development, Board Assessments, IT Alignment, Strategic Planning, all can be accomplished at any level of an organization and finished to any level of detail. The trick is to accomplish these feats in such a way that the results are owned by the planning team and are arrived at in a collaborative environment. Our MeetingWorks tool, which is part of our StrategEASE® process, enables our client teams to do just that. Regardless of the strategic planning model you choose to use, MeetingWorks tools can be tailored to fit the process. Groups using consensus guidelines, and with an eye to alignment with plans created at any other level in the organization, are able to efficiently and effectively complete those plans.

Some groups are presented with company initiatives or goals and given the task of aligning their group goals with them. Others are asked for detailed tactical plans that will accomplish adopted strategies. In most cases there is a need to brainstorm a list of items, discuss and clarify the list, and use some sort of evaluation method to reduce the list to the top items, as well as understand the level of agreement or buy-in.

Typical “Old” Process:

  • Inefficient -- often goals are not met
  • Not everyone contributes
  • Participants reluctant to “say it like it is”
  • Distractions by dominant personalities

The “MeetingWorks” Process:

MeetingWorks is a well-proven process which employs world-class technology to revolutionize the meeting environment and dramatically improve the outcome


Ø Wireless laptop technology
Ø World-class groupware
Ø Other software applications
Ø ProjX Experience


Anonymous/Simultaneous Input

ü Participants’ candid thoughts and feelings are captured
ü More creative ideas available for problem solving
ü Eliminates fear of what others think
ü Increases level of participation
ü Reduces the effect of people who may overly influence by personality or position
ü Everyone can enter ideas and vote at once

o More time can be spent discussing ideas and finding solutions
o Dramatic improvements in meeting efficiency and productivity
o Good ideas don’t get left behind


ü Ideas can be generated, ranked and voted on in one meeting

Builds Consensus

ü Guides participants through a step-by-step approach to group decision making

Real-Time Remote Participants

ü Utilizing the internet, participants can join the meeting from anywhere in the world
ü Simplifies meeting planning
ü Makes it easy for all required participants to attend
ü Reduces costly travel expenses


ü A complete reported of the entire proceedings is printed at the meeting’s conclusion

o Eliminates flip-charts
o Savings of transcription time and resource
o Participants have an accurate record to begin follow-up immediately
o There’s limited time to do it right
o The stakes are high -- controlling risk is essential
o Strong consensus is needed
o Team building is a desired outcome


ü Improves traditional problem solving

o Everyone participates
o Extremely efficient
o Stimulates creative thinking
o More productive dialog
o Immediately generates an accurate report